My superpowers:   

Connecting to others

Figuring shit out & understanding people

Lifting people up to their best selves

Any of these sound familiar?

- Not sleeping well at night, trying to survive on 5-6 hours -

- Always in 'go-go-go' mode, until you crash -

- "I always have everything under control" - 

Most people don't recognize the signs of burnout before it hits. Ambition and success leave little room for 'weakness' or slowing down.  But what would happen if your success disappeared one day?  Where would that leave you?  Are your relationships starting to fall apart? Is your health starting to suffer? Can you afford to lose it all?

Imagine what life could be like if you had more time for yourself. Can you picture your life without the constant stress and fighting? Imagine sleeping better and having more energy and mental alertness. Imagine waking up feeling revived and coming home feeling supported.

I can help get you there. Working with me can not only improve your health and relationships, but it may even help save your life.


You deserve to have a life of happiness and love, let me help you get there.


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