“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

- John Kabat Zinn


You’ve been struggling for awhile now, trying to do it all and make sure everyone else is happy. But the overwhelm and anxiety have taken on a life of their own, like things aren’t totally in your control anymore and your relationships are starting to suffer. You’ve done your best to keep it all together and push through, but you’re starting to hit your breaking point and something’s gotta give.  

Reaching out and asking for help is the last thing you wanted to do.  Typically you’re the one who handles everything and you’re usually pretty good at keeping things all together.  You’re so used to just taking it all on, striving for more, or always looking for the next thing to do, but the list keeps growing longer.

But holding everything in and pushing it down in order to keep moving forward has led to a feeling of disconnection and exhaustion from carrying it around for so long.  I know how much you just want things to be better and you’re ready for a change. And I know how to help you get out of the spiral that feels like it’s going nowhere, because I’ve not only done it myself, but I’ve helped hundreds of others do it too.

Let’s start changing things together, because you really don’t have to do it all alone.

Image of Heather Stevenson therapist

About Me

Part California woo, part NYC grit; I take a balanced, direct and actionable approach to life and my work with clients that focuses on re-connecting the mind and body for whole hearted living…