Hi, I’m Heather.  

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I’m a Psychologist, deep thinker and intuitive healer

But you might also call me a…

- mind-body connector

- mindfulness practitioner

- and curiosity junkie

I help people who long to feel more: 

Calm - Connected - Empowered - Loved

but hold themselves back due to fear of being rejected, judged and shut down (or just overwhelmed by where to start).  

My Mission:

To embolden you to become more aware of your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior, so that you can begin to transform them into more empowering, productive and affirming habits.  And through doing so, feel more in control of your life and confident in your ability to handle anything life throws at you. 

I know from my own journey of growth that…

  1. You can only get so far doing this work alone

  2. You already have all the resources and answers inside you, you just have to tune into it

We are relational beings and our healing happens through relationships. That’s where I come in…

What to expect in therapy with me:

Compassion and Unconditional Acceptance: My clients say they feel comfortable opening up and sharing what’s bothering them because they immediately feel understood, safe and accepted. One of my main goals is to make sure you know no matter what, you are good enough and worthy of feeling better.

Embracing Imperfection:  My greatest challenge in life has been learning to accept and embrace my own imperfections (and you’ll hear me say, it’s a lifelong practice). Through my own experience doing this I’m able to connect with myself and my clients on a deep level and love empowering others to do the same in their own lives. We all know that ‘nobody’s perfect’, but I’ll show you how embracing your imperfections actually makes life and your relationships better. 

Humor:  Both me and my clients appreciate that we can laugh together in sessions.  Life (and therapy) can feel so serious and intense at times, we don’t always get to smile as often as we’d like. Being able to make others smile and laugh has brought me great joy since I was a kid.  And in moments of darkness it helps to find balance in the light when we can.

Honesty: My clients have said that they truly appreciate my honesty and ability to be direct, straightforward and to the point, especially when they have a hard time doing so themselves.  They find that I will often say what they were thinking but were too hesitant to voice. I believe that if we can’t be honest with ourselves first, how can we be honest with anyone else, let alone expect others to be honest with us? That’s why I help you learn how to get honest with yourself and from there, how to share that with the world.

My Vision:

I believe that all people deserve to feel grounded, loved, supported, accepted, cared for, and whole. And that it’s your job to give those things to yourself first before you can expect anyone else to.  I also believe that when we do, we are creating self-love, and that self-love will change the world.

How do I practice self-care/self-love? Time at the beach or in nature, meditation, journaling, movement, time with loved ones, time alone and much more.

Are you ready to start practicing more self-love in your life?

Schedule your free consult call and start your journey today. 

As we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
— Marianne Williamson