Issues I help treat include:

* Depression & Anxiety

* Burnout & Stress

* Relationship & Communication issues

* PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) & Trauma

* Substance use or other addictions

* Anger issues

* Self-esteem


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a place where you can come and share all of the things going on in your life that you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone else.  Therapy with me is like talking to a really close friend, who knows all the right questions to ask and really listens to what you have to say without any judgment. You'll find the time passes quickly and will often leave session with new clarity & insight about your situation, along with an action plan to keep you moving forward on your own. If you decide to take the leap to try therapy for the first time I think you’ll be surprised to see how your perception of it can change as you start to feel better. 

Sessions typically last 50 minutes once a week. 

Options for incorporating tele-therapy (online therapy) as an alternative or adjunct to traditional therapy will be coming soon. (See FAQ for more info on tele-therapy)

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