I get it, you don’t talk to other people about what you’re struggling with. Admitting you need help is a sign of weakness, right? Let’s get one thing straight, you are not weak! Talking about your issues is not self-indulgent. Admitting that you have problems in your life is actually hugely courageous and takes a lot of strength, and completely human. No one is perfect, despite what social media says.

Working with me is like talking to a really close friend, except you don’t even tell your friends what you’re struggling with do you? So you can say I’m that super helpful objective outside observer, with no skin in the game, and no taking sides, who knows all the right questions to ask and listens to what you have to say without any judgment. You'll find the time with me passes quickly and will often leave with new clarity & insight about your situation, along with an action plan to keep you moving forward on your own. 

Think of it like this, if you were drowning in the ocean or trapped in a rip current you’d would want a trained lifeguard to come help you right? Let me be your lifeguard.

Get help with:

* Depression & Anxiety * Burnout & Stress * Relationship & Communication issues * Anger issues

* PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) & Trauma * Substance use or other addictions * Self-esteem & Perfectionism

Options for confidential online (video) therapy, from the comfort of your home or office available as well. see faq for more info.