Individual Therapy

I get it; You don’t wanna talk about your childhood or go through the “let’s blame the parents” thing.  And you hate that cliche “How does that make you feel?” line. Let’s be real talking about feelings has never been your thing and the statute of limitations on blaming the parents has expired, right? Well guess what, it’s not about that.

But be honest, do you really know how things make you feel on an internal level?

What I do is so much more than the stereotypical ideas of therapy.  

A holistic approach to mind-body healing, that’s part therapy part coaching.  

Side effects of working together may cause:

  • Increased awareness and control of your emotions

  • Improved relaxation, relationships and communication 

  • Confidence in your ability to effectively handle the stressors and challenges of life

  • Improved mindfulness and mind-body connection

  • Greater sense of calm, ease and happiness in life

  • Decreased worries, stress and agitation

Working with me is more than just traditional talk therapy, it’s a new way of being that can impact every area of your life for the better. If you were drowning in the ocean or trapped in a rip current you’d would want a trained lifeguard to come save you right? Well I’m not here to just “save you”, I’m here to teach you how to swim.

Let me be your lifeguard.

Options for confidential online (video) therapy, from the comfort of your home or office available. see faq for more info.