“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

- John Kabat Zinn


You've been putting this off for awhile. You probably don’t even want to be here right now, but something’s gotta give.  It’s getting harder to deny that nothing is wrong. 

Chest pain | Trouble sleeping | Poor concentration | Mounting stress

It’s simpler to just brush it off and move through each day than to acknowledge maybe it’s actually anxiety, or that you’re not totally in control anymore. You keep thinking “it’ll go away eventually, I can muscle through”. But it hasn’t yet. And it’s getting worse. 

Part of the problem is that society has always told you to “suck it up and be a man”. You’ve always found a way to push through the pain or discomfort, mostly through avoidance, but hell it works.  The problem is that the ongoing attempts to distract yourself through working, drinking, or mindless scrolling aren’t actually helping, they’re making things worse.  Sure it works temporarily, but the worries, pains, and insecurities keep coming back. 

Your biggest goal right now is to be successful.  Grow your career, get financially solid, and then you can focus more on relationships, right? The type of relationship I know you deeply want.  The one where your partner feels like an equal. Someone who matches your drive and intelligence, who accepts you for who you are while also pushing you to be better.  Maybe you have someone like this in your life already, but it’s hard to connect with her. Maybe there are things you want to say, but don’t know how to start. Or you worry about being rejected or getting into a fight. You’re not alone in this! The truth is she really wants to hear from you, even if it’s the hard stuff. 

I know all you want is to feel truly confident at work, to know you’re contributing in ways that help others, to be respected and feel like the leader you already are (but probably don’t acknowledge yourself as). 

And I know you want that deep connection with a partner who fully supports, accepts, and challenges you, friends you can open up to, and to feel comfortable and confident around others in any situation.

Working with me isn’t just sitting on a couch talking about all your problems, it’s about taking action and doing things different. I’m here to be your guide. You’re here to become the leader of your life. Are you ready to get started?

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About Me

Part NYC grit, part California “woo”; I’ve gone from prison walls to the concrete jungle. I take a balanced, holisitic and actionable approach to life and work with clients that focuses on re-connecting the mind and body for whole hearted living…