Dr. Heather Stevenson

Couples Therapy

Does it feel like you stopped communicating a while ago? 

Like the majority of the talking you do lately is about transactional details like, who’s gonna do the dishes or pick up the kids?

Do you feel more like glorified roommates than the loving, happy couple you once were?

Sometimes the passion can fade out of a relationship over time. You get too busy with work, you stop prioritizing each other, and everyday life feels like it’s taken over. You’ve drifted apart and the intimacy is gone.   

You want to get back to a place of feeling like you’re a team again, like you can say anything to one another and know that you’ll be supported and understood.  You want to feel that connection and spark, that excited feeling when the other one walks through the door.  

Couples therapy is a place to work on your communication skills with one another in a non-judgmental and safe environment.  A place where each person can feel seen and heard, and where you can learn how to work through the difficult conversations instead of avoiding them.

As humans, we are wired to connect to each other, but sometimes we need a little help making sure the right wires cross in order for that connection to occur.