Do I really need therapy?

Just like you would go see a coach or personal trainer to improve your fitness and physical strength, or a medical doctor to make sure your body is at its healthiest, a therapist is just another professional that should be part of your total health care team.  I can help you reach optimum levels of mental and emotional health, which can improve your physical health, personal relationships and performance at work.  Therapy doesn't just give you a quick fix, it gives you long lasting results.

With the pressure of ‘having it all together’, it’s easy to feel like some aspect of our life doesn’t measure up.  Or in the process of trying to do it all and get ahead we burn out.  Most of the time we don’t even recognize the signs that we’re about to crash until it’s too late.  Talking to someone helps you see the warning signs before they come, stop the burnout from getting worse, or pick up the pieces again after a crash has happened.  

Going to therapy isn’t a sign of weakness or something to be kept secret, but rather a sign that you take your health seriously.  I know how hard it can be to battle burnout or feel like you can't talk about what's going on with anyone because in your head you tell yourself "I should be able to handle this, I don't need help", because I’ve been there.  

If you keep hearing the words "something's gotta give" either in your own head or from the people you care about, you’ve come to the right place. 

My focus as a therapist is on helping you find your way to a more fulfilling, happy and balanced life.  

Through our work you can learn how to:

* Get your health back on track and reduce stress

* Improve your performance at work

* Have more satisfying and fulfilling relationships

* Increase emotional intelligence and awareness

* Develop better communication skills and feel comfortable talking to anyone

* Take down the mask that you have up to the rest of the world

Ready to take the next step? 

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