Dr. Heather Stevenson

Individual Therapy



I get it, you don’t talk to other people about what you’re struggling with. Admitting you need help is a sign of weakness, right? Let’s get one thing straight, you are not weak! Talking about your issues is not self-indulgent. Admitting that you have problems in your life is actually hugely courageous and takes a lot of strength, and completely human. No one is perfect, despite what social media says.

Working with me is like talking to a really close friend, except you don’t even tell your friends what you’re struggling with do you? So you can say I’m that super helpful objective outside observer, with no skin in the game, and no taking sides, who knows all the right questions to ask and listens to what you have to say without any judgment. You'll find the time with me passes quickly and will often leave with new clarity & insight about your situation, along with an action plan to keep you moving forward on your own. 

Think of it like this, if you were drowning in the ocean or trapped in a rip current you’d would want a trained lifeguard to come help you right? Let me be your lifeguard.

Get help with:

* Depression & Anxiety * Burnout & Stress * Relationship & Communication issues * Anger issues

* PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) & Trauma * Substance use or other addictions * Self-esteem & Perfectionism

Options for confidential online (video) therapy, from the comfort of your home or office available as well. see faq for more info. 

Couples Therapy

Does it feel like you stopped communicating a while ago? 

Like the majority of the talking you do nowadays is about transactional details like who’s going to do the dishes, pick up the kids, or how you plan to spend the weekend.

Do you feel more like glorified roommates at times than the loving, happy couple you once were?

Is it difficult to remember the last time you spent together where you felt really heard, understood and interested in one another? 

Sometimes the passion can fade out of a relationship over time for a variety of reasons, you’re too busy with work, you’ve stopped prioritizing each other as everyday life feels like it’s just taken over, you’ve drifted apart and stopped sharing with each other how you really feel.

Or maybe something more difficult has come up and caused a wedge between you, like infidelity, difficulty conceiving, or a job loss.   

You want to get back to a place of feeling like you’re a team again, like you can say anything to one another and know that you’ll be supported and understood.  You want to feel that connection and spark, that excited feeling when the other one walks through the door.  

Or perhaps you aren’t really sure anymore that you want to stay together, but don’t know how to have the conversation and move forward in life separately.  

Couples therapy is a place to work on your communication skills with one another in a non-judgmental and safe environment.  A place where each person can feel seen and heard, and where you can learn how to work through the difficult conversations instead of avoiding them.

As humans, we’re wired to connect to others, but sometimes we need a little help making sure the right wires cross in order for that connection to occur.  


Ready to learn some new skills, hear from others and share your experiences in a small group setting of like minded individuals? Small groups, workshops and retreats are the best way to connect with others, see that you’re not the only one struggling with certain issues and build lasting friendships and support.


Designed to teach skills that can help with a variety of issues and opportunities to learn from each other

Most workshops include some focus on:

  • Communication skills in relationships

  • Intimacy building

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Stress reduction

  • Work-Life balance

Ranging in size around 10-15 people, typically last between 2-4 hours. Upcoming workshops and sign-up calendar will be posted prior to their opening. Check back soon or sign up for the monthly newsletter to be the first to learn about all upcoming events.


Only when you strip away all the usual routine can you truly see what’s there to work with

Ready to take the plunge into a longer and more in depth experience?

Day long, weekend, or week long retreats will challenge you in new ways, push you outside your comfort zone, stretch your vulnerability envelope, and help you grow in exponential ways.

Sound a little intimidating? Don’t worry, you got this!